I was listening to Fearne Cotton’s podcast #happyplace a few days ago. She and her guest were talking about sharing and how with social media, it has more recently been more about showing off ‘ look at my perfect life…’ than sharing in the more traditional sense.
With all the dreadfulness of Coronavirus, it seems that as a society, we are remembering to share in the best sense of the word. Sharing kindness, thought, time, humour, laughter and love. Remembering our neighbours, thinking of others and lending support where we can.
With lockdown, I intended to bring the best of sharing to family life. I was going to morph into the perfect mother, with days filled with fun, games, routine, laughter….Needless to say, it hasn’t quite worked like that !
We aren’t used to 24/7 undiluted time with each other. It’s bound to bring its stresses. However we have had some golden moments. When I’ve remembered to laugh instead of being quick to irritation, to make an effort when often I wouldn’t, to play a game which I normally would say I hadn’t got time for and to appreciate each other a little more.
With home schooling due to kick off tomorrow, I’m reminding myself that family life doesn’t have to be perfect to be full of the good stuff. I’m going to lower my expectations, be kind to myself and see it perhaps as an opportunity for some more positive sharing….


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