MindfulNESS for Children 7 - 11

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could pack a tool kit for our children, full of the life skills necessary to equip them for the many and varied pressures that come their way ? With mindfulness we can !

I trained with a company called ‘Youth Mindfulness’ one of a couple of organisations that featured in a cross party government report, which recommended mindfulness teaching in schools.

The ‘Youth Mindfulness’ programme is a course of 16 lessons, with a strong emphasis on experimental learning.

The lessons build sequentially, introducing and exploring new facets of mindfulness with each lesson. The first six lessons focus on building the foundations of mindfulness, developing focus, awareness and calm. As the course progresses, children then learn to apply mindfulness to handle difficult thoughts and emotions, to cultivate gratitude and to develop an attitude of kindness towards themselves and others.

Mindfulness is taught in a fun and age appropriate way. Each lesson typically includes both quiet mindfulness practice and mindful movement, games, videos, exploration and discussion. For mindfulness to be mindfulness, it has to come from within – as such it’s crucial that the lessons are engaging and interesting !

Mindfulness teaches children to be present for the good things in life, helps them to be more resilient and to cope with stress and difficulty. It fosters greater self-knowledge, promotes calm and facilitates focus. It enables children to respond to life’s challenges with greater wisdom and flexibility.

The evidence suggests that, where it is available, children benefit enormously, both personally and academically. Schools are beginning to see these benefits play out in the classroom.

I teach the ‘Youth Mindfulness’ programme within schools as part of the school curriculum.I can also tailor the programme to shorter extra-curricular clubs and also work one-on-one with individuals. Children are endlessly creative and open to new ideas and learning. It is a joy to see children develop in self-awareness and confidence as they bring mindfulness into their lives.

Please contact me to discuss how I can introduce the magic of mindfulness to your school, club or child:

Jamie did a couple of wonderful mindful workshops with Ness in 2019. On both occasions he enjoyed every minute and came home wanting to learn more about mindfulness. Ness is fantastic and I cannot recommend her or her courses more highly - she is calm, fun and very engaging and all the kids loved her. The days were made up of art, interactive exercises, games, quiet moments and conversation and promoted self awareness.

My son was having problems with sleeping and some anxiety at school. After just one session with Ness, he came home full of smiles and with some tools to help him. He can be quiet and a bit uncommunicative, but Ness engaged with him instantly and made him feel at ease

My daughter joined Ness for an ‘Art of Mindfulness’ 2 day workshop. She loved the mix of mindfulness learning with the creative making. As a parent, I was impressed with both how much she learnt, but also the lessons reflected in the things she made. A year later, she is still using her breathing star when she’s feeling anxious or worried !


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