MindfulNESS for teens and young Adults

I believe that every young person should have the support and encouragement to be able to be the best version of themselves. To grow to adulthood with confidence, emotional stability, motivation and optimism.

Sadly ‘anxiety’ has become a buzzword when talking about the mental health of our young people, with over 30% of UK adolescents reporting anxiety-related issues.

Life is fast-paced and social media ensures that children are fully accessible from the moment they wake up until the moment they fall asleep. Gone are the days when the school day ended and there was a natural breathing space to re-group before the next day began.

Add in the age-old exam stresses, relationship problems, self-image worries, family upheavals and friendship dynamics and it’s no wonder that life can sometimes be overwhelming.

It is therefore becoming more important than ever to build emotional resilience in young people so that they can navigate life with greater enjoyment and ease.
I am qualified to deliver the Youth Mindfulness ‘SOMA’ programme. This is a groundbreaking new approach to teaching mindfulness to teens and young adults.

SOMA means body. In cultivating wellbeing, we work not just at the level of psyche but holistically to include our physiology and and nervous system.

Furthermore, SOMA is an acronym for the core aims fo the programme – to develop and encourage:

  • SOCIAL CONNECTION – The capacity for empathy, kindness and positive relationships.
  • OPENNESS TO ENJOYMENT – Our capacity for gratitude, appreciation, engagement and fun.
  • MEANING AND PURPOSE – Our fundamental values in life, what’s important to us.
  • ACTION AND AGENCY – Our ability to live and act in accordance with our values and aspirations.

The SOMA programme draws on research and practice in the field of positive psychology to enable the exploration and activation of character strengths.
Mindfulness is at the heart of the programme. The cultivation of mindful awareness is the foundation of wellbeing and key to the cultivation of the four elements of SOMA.

The SOMA course is fun, relevant and has the flexibility to be adapted to different groups with different issues. I can deliver the programme within schools, youth clubs or one-on-one with individuals.

Ness taught me how to cope with exam stress and worry. Although I didn’t do exams this summer in the end, I find I use mindfulness now whenever I feel anxious. It’s really helpful

I thought mindfulness would be a bit rubbish but really enjoy it. Ness has taught me to think about who I want to be in life, about my values and character strengths. I use mindfulness when I need a bit of space and it always makes me feel calmer and more positive. I feel much more confident


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