About Me

Ness Lee

I came to mindfulness through my own training a couple of years ago and it has become a fundamental part of my every day.

I am a qualified counsellor and hypnotherapy practitioner and used to practice in a clinic in London. This was an addition to my first career as an interior designer.

Come my mid 40s, I was a busy mother of two working for 12 years as an interior designer. I had enjoyed my work immensely, but the time felt right to re-invigorate my dormant counselling skills and to re-establish my career in line with my real interests.

The 8-week MBSR (mindfulness-based stress relief ) course that I took, completely opened a window on my life. Suddenly things fell into place. I have always been self-aware but found that the busyness of juggling work and family life, meant that absentmindedness was often at play in my everyday transactions. My own mindfulness practise began to provide space and perspective to work out what really mattered to me.

With two young children, I was interested in bringing mindfulness practice into our family life. I discovered the ‘Youth Mindfulness’ course at the beginning of last year. I was completely captivated by the magic and wonderfulness of a programme which I believe to be completely invaluable to every child.

I had such confidence in what I had been taught and in my own developing mindfulness practice, that I gave up my job to work full time as a mindfulness teacher.

I have since been back to ‘Youth Mindfulness’ and qualified with them to work with teens and young adults on their SOMA programme. Again a truly inspiring and transformative course.

More recently, I have completed the ‘Mindfulness Now’ training, which qualifies me to deliver an 8-week mindfulness course to adults.

Mindfulness is the tool that has catapulted me forward in life – both for myself and with the motivation to share it with others.

I am currently working both in schools and with individuals of all ages. Never has life felt more rewarding and in line with my innate skills and values.


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