MindfuNESS for Families

There is an emerging body of evidence that suggests that bringing mindfulness into family life, can support both parents and children.

Sharing mindful practice, is very enriching, bonding and helps to keep the emotional currency within the home positive. The result is enhanced communication, tolerance and positivity.

Where parents lead by example, children have the opportunity to grow up with a richer emotional vocabulary, a calmer disposition and healthy self-esteem.
To this end, I offer family workshops where I teach mindfulness step-by-step, to the whole family. Going on a mindful journey together is great fun and hugely rewarding.

It has been a lovely process working as a family together with Ness. The kids love the learning and as parents we can already see the benefits playing out in family life. I am a calmer mum and now feel that we have tools to work with the ups and downs of life with two young children.


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