My mindful morning up the hill

Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves, for we shall never cease to be amused”
I was feeling just a little bit virtuous yesterday morning. I had enjoyed my 7.00am guided MindfulNess session. I had started the day with 20 minutes of yoga and a mug of hot lemon and honey. Come 8.00am I headed up the hill with the dogs at a brisk walk.
It was the most beautiful morning and in line with the day’s zen intentions, I made myself comfortable cross legged at the top of the hill, with not a soul around. I thought I’d take some time to enjoy the peace and do a little of my own mindfulness practice.
I closed my eyes, took 3 deep breaths, felt my shoulders relax and…. was assailed by a verbal medley of every expletive likely to be in the average person’s vocabulary ! The farmer at the bottom of the hill and several fields away, was trying unsuccessfully to move his sheep. Round and round they went in every direction but the one he wanted. Round and round he went, revving his quad bike with his language getting more and more colourful !
After sending a few sympathetic thoughts his way (I grew up with sheep and know how non-compliant they can be !) I settled back into pose, reminding myself to acknowledge the soundscape just as it is.
And then Dougal (little dog) started yapping like mad. A man had appeared from the steep side of the hill out of view, with his remote controlled plane and set to work practicing what seemed like nose dives and a lot of roaring.
It seemed to be a nod to give up on the zen idea and head for home. At this point, Stan the spaniel appeared looking mightily pleased with himself having just rolled in something very dead and stinky !
Instead of arriving home on a cloud of serenity, I reached for the ketchup (known to remove badger ponk) dog shampoo and hosepipe !
I had to laugh.
It was a reminder not to take myself too seriously ! Mindfulness isn’t about perfect moments, it’s about taking life as it comes with an attitude of acceptance and a handy reserve of good humour ! Much Delight can be found in imperfection.


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