Bring a bit of mindfulness into your day

I was really thrilled, when just before Easter, a pair of swallows arrived back to take up their annual residence in our shed. There was much swooping and chattering as they reacquainted themselves with the facilities !
With the good weather, they arrived a week earlier than most years. I am always in awe of their epic journey and delighted that with their return, spring too really is here.
A lovely way to bring a bit of mindfulness into your day, is to step outside for 5 mins and use your senses to just notice what nature has to offer.
Closing your eyes for a moment and listening to the birds, maybe the sound of a bee or the breeze in the trees. Having a sense of the weather – maybe noticing the sun on your face, the wind in the palm of your hands. Is there a particular smell in the air ? Grass, wood, rain ?
Then opening your eyes and really taking in your surroundings. Noticing the colours, textures, the tiniest of details.
Even in the busiest of cityscapes, nature has her moment.
Whatever is going on, however challenging a day, a little time outside most often provides a little shot of positivity with which to carry on.


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